When two players has the same number of reborn and Level,
the player who has higher EXP will temporarily be ranked ahead of the other player.
This ranking system refresh every morning.
We recommended that your account be offline once before midnight,
so that your character data will be saved and added to the ranking list.

No.Character NameLevelRebirthEXPClassSchool
1 Papsikel 34712012510069553Gunner(Girl)Phoenix
2 redletter 33912090808549Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
3 Red- 336120488324597Archer(Girl)Phoenix
4 VersionTwoPoint0 315120718795816Extreme(Girl)MP
5 Ji-eun 3041201524194791Extreme(Girl)MP
6 RAWR 294120378626309Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
7 Fuscia 288120898404312Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
8 Merk 272120483316637Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
9 OMNI 34505011787348Extreme(Girl)MP
10 Maeve 2610158495423Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
11 Ryujin- 22807367208Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
12 DemitriV2 1650492320Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
13 MARK 1610249784Extreme(Girl)MP
14 `InSyang` 1003Gunner(Girl)MP
15 BADGIRL 100Extreme(Girl)Phoenix